Frequently asked questions

1. General information is a wholesale supplier, specialized on consumer electronics and general merchandise. Our goal is to fulfil our buyers' needs so please feel free to contact us as we are here to help.

Our loads contain wide variety of high-end consumer electronics. Brands may include: 

- Apple
- Sony
- Samsung
- Nikon
- Panasonic
- Sonos
- HP
- Breville
- Beats
- Honeywell
- Fossil and many more

Please visit our gallery for sample loads.

Products ranging from shelf pulls, refurbished and returns.

Condition definitions: 

Shelf Pulls: Never sold at retail, but may show signs of customer contact; may have incomplete or damaged packaging. Shelf pulls are sometimes overstocked goods that have been displayed for sale in a store or online but have never been purchased by a customer. Shelf pulls are typically considered excess inventory.

Refurbished: Restored to full working condition, may have cosmetic issues; unless otherwise stated, they may not include manuals, components and original packaging. Return: In general, 70% of the items on a return pallet work perfectly. However, these items have been sent out to the customer and then returned so percentages and conditions are varying on every pallet

Our prices are determined by the combined retail value of the load, condition of the items & volume being purchased. For a quote, please contact our sales representative.

Please feel free to contact our customer care team at

2. Purchasing

Please fill out the application form and our qualified sales representative will contact you.

It provides us information on what volume of merchandise you are interested in buying, so we can propose the best option for you upon contacting.

We are based in Las Vegas, please feel free to contact us to book an in-person meeting with a Bestpricepallets representative.

Wire-transfer, Credit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal

As our current inventory changes by the minute please contact us for most recent information on available loads.

The shipping is an extra costfor our customers. Please feel free to ask your sales representative for help arranging shipping to your location.

Yes, pick-ups are available in Las Vegas.

3. Post purchase

No guarantees are, or should be, implied outside of what is listed in the listing description.

Our representatives are there for you, please feel free to contact our customer service team to file a dispute.